Structured Attorney Fees

Attorney Fee Structured Deferrals In San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Nevada

Attorney Fee Structured Deferrals are a valuable tax-planning & investment strategy for any attorney that is paid through contingency fees. We offer several options for attorneys to structure their fees.
Key advantages of Attorney Fee Structured Deferrals:

Avoid higher federal income tax brackets or marginal tax rates

Lower your federal & state income tax liability that result from large cases

The ability to strategically spread your fees over time, in order to preserve wealth & stabilize future income for attorney and/or firm

Tax-deferred investment growth, similar to qualified retirement plans – but without contribution limits

The flexibility of choosing along a spectrum of fixed (guaranteed rate of return) or market-based (higher risk) options

Invest your savings at little or no risk, depending on your risk tolerance

Below is a summary of what we offer:

We have the flexibility to work with almost all of the onshore & offshore institutions, providers, and companies that deliver the best products out there in the attorney fee structured deferral space. We take pride in doing our due diligence, so that we can best take care of our clients’ needs & goals.

Variable Options

This may make more sense for an attorney that has a more aggressive risk tolerance profile and who values the potential upside of the market.

Fixed Options

This may make more sense for an attorney that has a more conservative risk tolerance profile and who values a guaranteed rate of return.

Hear from one of our clients, Richard Harris, who consistently structures his attorney fees.

Richard Harris

Nevada Justice Association Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Deferring the Taxation of income can result in higher net amount to you

Case Example

The above example has been recreated based on a hypothetical Attorney's Fee cash flow.

The graph has been recreated based on the Pacific Life Structured Attorney's Fee Brochure. For a much more detailed look into the benefits and comparisons, please take a look at the full brochure by clicking here:

Pacific Life Structured Attorney's Fee Brochure

The Valdez Team works with clients primarily in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas - with additional clients around the nation. Our team focuses on Settlement Planning & producing Structured Settlements for personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, workers' compensation, product liability, mass torts, and construction defect cases. In addition, we also have the ability to create Structured Settlements for non-physical injury cases and attorney fees.

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