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"We had the unfortunate pleasure of representing a client who had suffered a catastrophic event at work, resulting in a lifetime disability. It was important to ensure that the client had enough funds set aside to afford the care needed for the rest of their life. After research, we determined that the best way to protect, grow, and secure the client’s money was to purchase an Annuity through Manny Valdez at Ringler. I’ve been in practice for 20 years and my relationship with The Valdez Team at Ringler goes back for approximately 16 years, in which they have continued to exceed our expectations with regard to their performance, by meeting the needs of our clients."
William M. Berman, Esq.

Berman & Riedel, LLP

About William M. Berman, Esq.

Attorney William M. Berman is the founding and managing partner of Berman & Riedel, LLP, a civil litigation firm that focuses it’s practice in the areas of catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death and elder abuse and neglect. Strictly a plaintiffs’ devoted firm.

William M. Berman, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury General
  • Elder Law
  • Wrongful Death
  • Nursing Home Facility Litigation
  • Elder Care Facility Litigation
"While working on a personal injury case that resulted in a catastrophic injury with lifetime disability, I was tasked with a goal to come up with a game plan that provided care for the rest of my client’s life. Manny Valdez was able to provide the best Structured Settlement plan for him and his family. I was very happy with Mannys desire and willingness to be available for consultations. He took the time to sit down with our client and genuinely see them as people; he truly cares for their needs."
Scott Blumen, Esq.

Scott Blumen, Attorney at Law

About Scott Blumen, Esq.

Scott M. Blumen, Attorney at Law, handles exclusively personal injury and State Workers' Compensation cases. His reputation is based upon outstanding results and personal commitment to clients. This firm is and was built primarily upon referrals from past clients and other attorneys that recognize the results Mr. Blumen obtains for his clients,all while providing honest, ethical legal representation.

Scott Blumen, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
"We represent clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. For this tragic case, we needed to provide solutions that can assure great medical care, and the ability to manage this amount of income. Manny Valdez was amazingly great in accommodating them so that they would have enough income presently and in future years. Regardless of the amount of the Structured Settlement, Manny Valdez and Manuel Valdez Sr., from The Valdez Team at Ringler, will both put the same amount of effort and answer every single question. They will go to the client’s house and explain all the terms, conditions and what they can anticipate. Even if the family is not ready to move forward with a Structured Settlement they’re still available to explain, and they’ll explain it honestly."
Cynthia Chihak, Esq.

Chihak & Martel

About Cynthia Chihak, Esq.

Cynthia Chihak, Esq. is a graduate of Pepperdine University Law School. She has been honored with numerous awards by her peers. She was named by the Los Angeles Daily Transcript as one of the top 50 female attorneys in the State of California for five consecutive years.

Cynthia Chihak, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury General
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Brain Injury & Paralysis
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Wrongful Death
"The case involved a plaintiff by the name of Toby Morin. Toby had been a paraplegic since the age of 7, and had been used to using wheelchairs for his entire life. Unfortunately, when he got to his mid-thirties, he was using a manual wheelchair and it had malfunctioned, breaking right under him. It turned out that there was a problem with the design of the wheelchair, as well as how it was being maintained by the maintenance company. Toby’s injuries were significant, leading to nerve damage, spasms, mental health issues, and several other. After the defense took the position that Toby was not really injured and nothing was really wrong with the product, Jeremy & his team immediately decided to take the case to trial.
At the end of the day, the jury did not see the case how the defendants did & they came back with a verdict of just under $10 Million. Before the trial, Toby had limited resources. After seeing what the jury was awarding Toby, Jeremy quickly realized and understood that this money needed to last him for the rest of his life.
From working with the Mannys over the years, Jeremy knew that they could help Toby. Jeremy explains that “Manny had an attention to detail that everyone appreciated. He seemed to know what Toby would need before everyone else did. He answered every question that we could throw at him”, making Jeremy feel confident that Toby was going to be taken care of."
Jeremy Dwork

Meyers Fozi & Dwork, LLP

About Jeremy Dwork, Esq.

As a partner with the firm, attorney Jeremy Dwork represents individuals and businesses in their most important legal matters. Mr. Dwork handles litigation matters arising from employment-related disputes, business and contract issues, personal injury and wrongful death claims, and product defects in both state and federal courts.

Jeremy Dwork, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Product Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Employment Law
"I’ve been practicing for about 30 years in San Diego, California, specializing in Medical Malpractice and Elder Abuse. For one of the clients I represented, the The Mannys helped select the best life care plan to figure out the best benefits for the course of a lifetime, and the best way to provide those benefits. In addition, they understand about diversifying and the benefits of Structured Attorney Fees. I’ve recommended The Valdez Team at Ringler, and I will continue to recommend and use them again because I was very satisfied with their performance."
Norman Finkelstein, Esq.

Norman M. Finkelstein, APC

About Norman Finkelstein, Esq.

Norman Finkelstein, Esq. Has obtained multiple punitive damage verdicts - one against a Corporation, one against an insurance company, one against a physician and one against an individual.

Norman Finkelstein, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Elder Abuse
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Products Liability
"We represented a young mother on a medical malpractice case that resulted in the need for a Structured Settlement. For that we got Manny Valdez and Manuel Valdez Sr. from The Valdez Team at Ringler involved to start working on the Structured Settlement. They attended the mediation to get real-time calculations based on the net recovery to the client through the rest of the client’s life. They provide a level of comfort by providing the right information and explain complex items to the client (i.e. what an Annuity is, why it is important to have adjustments for cost of living increases, etc.) Ultimately our clients feel much more comfortable to resolve the case because the Mannys were involved."
Ian Fusselman, Esq.

Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, LLP

About Ian Fusselman, Esq.

At Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, Ian continues to focuses his practice on complex litigation, including catastrophic personal injury cases, insurance litigation, construction litigation and aviation law.

Ian Fusselman, Esq. focus on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Catastrophic Personal Injury
  • Aviation Law
  • Construction Defects
"I needed to set up a Structured Settlement for a $1.9 M case, so I contacted Manny Valdez to set up all the paperwork and annuities to allow the Structured Settlement to occur. My client was able to keep all of his money in a special needs trust while retaining all of the benefits that he had. I also did a Structured Settlement on my attorneys fees through them. I will strongly recommend Manny Valdez at Ringler when you need a structured settlement."
Dean A. Goetz, Esq.

The Goetz Law Firm

About Dean A. Goetz, Esq.

Dean A. Goetz, Esq. San Diego personal injury attorney has represented and obtained sizeable settlements for numerous bicycle riders whose cases were rejected by other attorneys because they did not want to sue a City or a large road building contractor for negligence and damages.

Dean A. Goetz, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Uninsured Drivers
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Injury
  • Auto Accident
  • Truck Accident
"We always bring in The Mannys because they have cultural sensitivity and a lot of patience. They spend time with my clients, and they take a great deal of pride & pleasure in helping ensure that people who have suffered harm have a good financial outlook. I wholeheartedly recommend The Mannys to anyone considering a Structured Settlement."
John Gomez, Esq.

Gomez Trial Attorneys

About John Gomez, Esq.

John Gomez, Esq. founded the firm alone in 2005. He acts today as President and Lead Trial Attorney. From humble beginnings, he attended three separate San Diego public high schools and Grossmont Junior College before graduating from the Nation’s top ranked law school, Yale University, in 1993.

Gomez Trial Attorneys focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury General
  • Personal Injury Products
  • Class Action/Mass Torts
  • Civil Litigation
  • Business Litigation
"We are the largest Personal Injury Law Firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 40 years of practice. Most of the cases we represent resolve in Settlement and when they do, our work is not over. The time now is to make sure that we help our clients financially plan for their future. I recommend Manny & Manuel Valdez Sr. from The Valdez Team at Ringler, because they are so easy to work with, they’re so sharp, and they’re so concerned about the outcome. They are our go-to team for virtually all of our Structured Settlements that we place for our clients as well as for the Deferral of our Attorneys Fees"
Richard Harris, Esq.

Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm

About Richard A. Harris, Esq.

Richard A. Harris, Esq. is committed to legal education and is the Patron of the Nevada Justice Association Series on Continuing Legal Education, which is named in his honor. In 2010, he received the association’s Badger Award for his community service work.

Richard A. Harris, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • Personal Injury General
  • Elder Law
  • Wrongful Death
  • Nursing Home Facility Litigation
  • Elder Care Facility Litigation
"In a time when clients are vulnerable and overwhelmed, Manny Valdez and Manuel Valdez Sr. always take the time to meet with the client, explain the process of a Structured Settlement, & show a genuine personal interest in understanding what the client’s future needs will be."
Amy Martel, Esq.

Chihak & Martel

About Amy Rose Martel, Esq.

Amy Rose Martel, Esq. has been practicing civil litigation since 2003. Currently she is a member of the California State Bar, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, San Diego County Bar Association, and Nevada State Bar Association.

Amy Rose Martel, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
"We represent exclusively injured plaintiffs in the Imperial Valley. For this one case we represented a personal injury plaintiff as a result of a vehicle accident. It was clear from the outset that the client was going to need lifelong care and a life care plan was going to be absolutely essential. For that reason, we contacted Manny Valdez and Manuel Valdez Sr. from The Valdez Team at Ringler. They figured out exactly what was needed in order to maintain a lifestyle for the client that would be the best care that the client could have under the circumstances. The Mannys have always been able to provide the best security, the best guaranty and the best overall outcomes in Structured Settlement for my clients."
Judith Pierson, Esq.

Yeager & Pierson

About Judith Pierson, Esq.

Judith Pierson, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in Imperial Valley, California:

  • Serious Injury
  • Auto Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Unsafe Products
  • Brain Injury
  • Wrongful Death
"The The Mannys are the dynamic duo who provide unparalleled Structured Settlement services. They have gone above and beyond for my clients, making sure they understootheir options and felt confident in their choice. The The Mannys are my go to for Structured Settlement."
Jessica Pride

Pride Law Firm

About Jessica Pride, Esq.

Jessica Pride, Esq. is the managing partner at The Pride Law Firm. She has dedicated her entire legal career to the representation of victims of catastrophic injuries, wrongful death and sexual assault. She received a B.A. in English from the University of California, Irvine before earning her J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2006. Prior to graduation, Ms. Pride garnered a position as a legal clerk with one of the nation’s largest personal injury firms, Girardi-Keese, in Los Angeles, California.

Jessica Pride, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury
  • Employment Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Sexual Assault
"We represent people in catastrophic injury cases. I had three cases that I brought the Mannys in on. All three involved traumatic injuries, involving young men with bright ideas on managing their money. The Mannys get involved and they look at what the clients’ needs are. They take that money and put it in something that is protected to ensure that the family is going to have money for as long as they are going to need it. Manuel Valdez Sr. and Manny Valdez Jr. stepped in on all three cases; they both talked to my clients and explained the benefits of a Structured Settlement. After my clients talked to the Mannys, the clients came back to me and they said, ‘Nick you were right’ - so they made the decision to move forward with a Structured Settlement for their money. The Mannys took care of my clients."
Nicholas Rowley, Esq.

Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley

About Nicholas Rowley, Esq.

Nicholas Rowley, Esq. has won over 100 jury verdicts and is considered one of the best personal injury attorneys in the country. Nick has won over $1 Billion in jury verdicts and settlements for his clients and fights tirelessly to make insurance companies do what's right.

Nicholas Rowley, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in Los Angeles, California:

  • Vehicular Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Assault & Battery
  • Police Brutality
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
"I have worked with Manuel Valdez Sr. & Manny Valdez Jr. on multiple cases over the period of 25-years. Their service is “The Best”. They really care about the client, and you can see that when they meet with them. They really evaluate the entire case, using their massive experience fully understanding what the clients’ needs are."
Dennis Schoville, Esq.

Dennis A. Schoville, APC

About Dennis Schoville, Esq.

In 2004 was voted one of the "Top 100 Most Influential Attorneys in California" by the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Currently, Mr. Schoville is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, a Master in the American Inns of Court, a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and its National Board of Directors, and currently serves as vice-chair of the San Diego, California County Bar Judicial Evaluation Committee.

Dennis Schoville, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Products Liability
  • General Liability
"I’ve been practicing for about 35 years in the medical field, particularly in medical malpractice cases in San Diego, California. For this one case involving an infant that resulted in a brain injury, I needed to go with Manny Valdez. He has been my go-to guy for 25 years! There’s no one else that I can think of when I need someone to help me with a Structured Settlement. Manny really cares about my clients. It is not just professional pride that he wants to do a great job; he really cares about the people. He understands what the families go through, and I really appreciate the consideration and the commitment that Manny shows to my clients, and they appreciate it too. The fact that they have Manny, who treats them with kindness and compassion and earns their trust - it makes all the difference."
Ken Sigelman, Esq.

Kenneth M. Sigelman & Associates

About Kenneth M. Sigelman, J.D., M.D.

Kenneth M. Sigelman, J.D., M.D. Has received numerous awards over his 20+ year career from CAOC, CASD, & ABOTA. Licensed to practice law in California and Florida , and before the United States Supreme Court, Ken Sigelman has handled cases in numerous states. For more than 20 years, Ken Sigelman, who is a licensed medical doctor as well as an award-winning trial lawyer, has had an exceptional record of verdicts, settlements, and arbitration awards.

Kenneth M. Sigelman, J.D., M.D. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Group-B Strep
  • Brain Injury
"A few times I have contacted them the night before or the day of a mediation. Despite short notice, The Valdez Team at Ringler has always been able to get multiple Structured Settlement options together and bring printouts to the mediation."
Jayme Simpson

Simpson Law Group

Jayme Simpson, Esq. is a trial attorney focused on representing individuals in catastrophic personal injury matters including auto accident, spinal cord injury and trucking accidents, product liability, wrongful death, burn injury, slip and fall, brain injury, medical malpractice, construction accidents, sexual abuse, dog bite accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability, nursing home abuse, railroad accident, pedestrian injury, and. Throughout her fast-paced career, Jayme Simpson, Esq. has handled all aspects of civil litigation including depositions, pleadings, hearings, mediations and arbitrations for a number of civil actions.

Jayme Simpson, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Auto Accident
  • Birth Injurie
  • Construction Injuries
  • Dog Bite Lawsuits
  • Highway design defect cases
  • Product Liability
  • Nursing home and Elder Abuse
"While working on a case that involved the death of a family member and a serious personal injury to another family member, the case resolved during the trial for 13,000 million dollars. We are very committed to making sure that the people we represent have all of the information they need and that they live the best quality of life going forward. We’ve worked with the Mannys from The Valdez Team at Ringler on many occasions in the past because they are like us; they’re honest, hard-working, dedicated to what they do, and they want to make sure people have information to make proper choices on how Structured Settlements work. They spend a lot of time with the family members, providing multiple options in order to make sure their needs are fully met. I usually don’t endorse other professionals unless I truly believe in the quality of work that they do, but in the case of Manuel Valdez Sr. & Manny Valdez Jr. I’m happy to do that."
Robert Vaage, Esq.

Law Offices of Robert Vaage

About Robert Vaage, Esq.

Robert Vaage, Esq. has been a trial attorney since 1982 in San Diego, California as the owner of a small downtown firm, which enjoys an excellent reputation in the community and state-wide, Mr. Vaage has spent the last 35 years developing his expertise trying cases involving personal injury, traumatic brain injuries, medical malpractice, and defective products.

Robert Vaage, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury General
  • Personal Injury Products
  • Wrongful Death
  • Brain Injury
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Motor Vehicle Defects
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical Products Liability
"While working on an injury case that involved MediCal, MediCare, and VA benefits I knew that we had to get a Structured Settlement and also a Special Needs Trust to help preserve the benefits and to maximize the recovery. I contacted Manny Valdez and Manuel Valdez Sr. at Ringler; both were very patient with me and the client, instructing and making sure we had all of the information necessary to understand everything. They made the process of using a Structured Settlement very easy."
Christopher Villasenor, Esq.

Villasenor Law Offices

About Christopher Villasenor, Esq.

Mr. Villasenor is a business-minded attorney and consults individuals and companies in proper business formation and negotiation and preparation of most types of business, employment, consulting and real estate contracts. In addition, he has successfully prosecuted and defended complex shareholder, partnership, intellectual property, business, real estate and personal injury litigation matters at the State and Federal levels.

Christopher Villasenor, Esq. focuses on the following practice areas in San Diego, California:

  • Personal Injury
  • Car Accident
  • Bike Accident
  • Pedestrian Accident
  • Trucking Accidents

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